Facts About A Tree Nursery In Texas

Choosing the type of landscape plants which you want on your property will vary according to the location, size of your property and soil and climate conditions. When it comes to choosing plants it helps to have professional assistance about your options. A quality firm has the knowledge and experience to assist customers with wise choices in their plantings. Are you looking for information about a tree nursery in Texas? Do you need to learn more about a nursery for trees suitable for Texas? CC Tree Farms specializes in providing top quality specimen ornamentals and trees for professionals in the landscape industry.

CC Tree Farm has a selection of the most healthy, attractive and hardy trees for landscape professionals in Texas and across Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. We are proud to serve San Antonio, Lubbock, Austin, Houston, and Dallas in Texas, as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico, Oklahoma City, OK and Phoenix, Arizona.

We have been operating for seventeen years from our beginning in a 133-acre plot of land between Palestine and Athens, Texas. Our customers return to us again and again, because of the attention we pay to our ornamental tree quality and our excellent customer service.

There are several factors which make our trees and ornamentals more desirable. Our investment in the soil medium, for example, is forty percent more expensive than our peers and competitors invest. Many other growers start their plants in plain pine bark. Our soil medium is scientifically formulated and customized in our planting mix to fit the particular needs of each specific type of plant.

The end users can expect that one of our ornamentals or plants are packed growing medium sufficient to supply nutrients for several months. These plants are more durable thanks to the Rootmaker containers, quality planting medium, and the extensive staking, pruning and weeding the plants during its life cycle. The plants are not only more vigorous but are more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical.

When our buyers from New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado purchase trees, it is important to find planting products which are free of devastating pests such as Japanese Beetles. We are one of a select few growers in Texas that are certified to be free of the Japanese Beetle. We quickly ensured that we are compliant with all regulations of the Departments of Agriculture in our service area of states. This includes proper inspection and certification, which is documented in the paperwork included with the plant shipments.

It may surprise you to know that dead cheap tree can be costly. At CC Tree Farms, our goal is always to have happy and satisfied customers with every purchase. We stand behind the condition and quality of our products when delivered to you. We are proud of the references available from our returning customers and they are one proof of quality, service, and fairness. We promise you will not be disappointed.

When you are looking for a high-quality wholesale nursery, CC Tree Farms has a wide selection of plants, You can call 866-549-3003 to order today!

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