An Overview Of Tree Farms In Texas

In Texas and elsewhere, landscaping design often include trees for various purposes. Some people use them for their aesthetic appeal, others are more interested in their shade, food or wildlife benefits. Are you looking for information about tree farms in Texas? If you are in need of trees for your nursery or property, CC Tree Farms LLC are dedicated to providing the best and most reliable products available throughout our service area. We are a leading landscape nursery that focuses on top quality, container grown, specimen trees and ornamentals. Our customer base is the landscape industry.

The farm is located on 133 acres in East Texas between Palestine and Athens. We are proud to serve Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Lubbock, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. Our regular customers are happy to recommend both the top quality of our trees and ornamentals, as well as the excellent customer service we provide.

Although our plants are container grown, we make every effort to invest more in the growing medium than our peers within the industry. These growers will often use only plain pine bark, while CC Tree Farms LLC scientifically formulates and custom blends for our planting mix. This practice means that our plants are receiving specific nutrients to ensure their healthy growth. This original boost will supply the plant’s needs for several months leading to the best results and tree health. The combination of our medium, and Rootmaker containers, plus the skilled labor invested in staking, weeding and pruning the plants several times during its life cycle lead to a tree that is beautiful, vigorous and symmetrical.

CC Tree Farms LLC holds a number of certifications which ensure that our customers receive the highest quality plants and ornamental trees. You want your investment in plants to be returned in enjoyment year after year. Our certifications include the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) from the Texas Department of Transportation. Most federally funded projects, particularly transportation projects, require that a DBE subcontractor be involved.

We also hold Small Business Enterprise (SBE); Women-Owned Business Certification and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certifications. For Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado buyers, we are certified as Japanese Beetle Free. SBE certification comes from the Office of Small Business, The Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Port of Houston. WBE is certification received from the City of Austin, as well as the National Women’s Business Women’s Corporation. HUB is certification from the State of Texas.

CC Tree Farm LLC is one of a very few Texas tree growers who has received certification for freedom from Japanese Beetles. As our territory has grown and expanded, we ensured that we were compliant with all Agriculture Departments in the states where our products are shipped. Every order shipped into your states is fully inspected and certified.

Since 2002, our trained and experienced professionals at CC Tree Farms LLC have supplied only the best quality wholesale trees and ornamentals. They have been nurtured to perfection for the landscape industry.

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale tree nursery in the Southwest, call 866-549-3003 to order your supply of trees today!

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